Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Blog Address

We've got a new blog address, it's really similar to this one.  garnergazette009.blogspot.com  Thanks!  Love ya.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Vegas (Sept) and October FUN

On our way to Vegas, we stopped in St. George and hiked a little bit.  Deven had to go down to a conference for work.  I got to go.  It was quite the experience.  We almost got hit by a ladder on the freeway, it could have been a lot worse.  It only cracked our windshield.  After stopping in Mesquite for dinner at Panda Gardens, we walked out and I starting feeding London in the car.  Meanwhile, an old man totally rammed into us with his truck, leaving a huge gash on our Pilot.  He didn't deny hitting us but denied that he made the dent...ummm okay.  Let's just say he almost drove off and we would have called the cops.  Everything worked out in the end and we were all safe.

Darth Vader!  YES!

London was the biggest star in Vegas the week while we were there.  I should have walked around with a tip jar, I am TOTALLY serious!  Hehe.

Had to get a picture of Elmo just for Adelaide.

We got Addie a present from the M&M factory, a green monkey.  It's one of her favorites!  I missed her so much during our trip.  We left her with Grandma and Grandpa.  It was nice to have some one on one time with London because with a second child, that is hard to come by.  I loved it but missed by sweet Adelaide Lyla.

My sweet little London!

After Vegas, we took Addie to the Zoo.  I swear I do dress my children.  Addie's pants got soaked by her pull up and I had an extra onsie that she also soaked with the water ball. Lots of fun.  love having  a zoo pass.

London is really all smiles.  She doesn't complain too much.  She is an ideal baby like Addie was, how did I luck out?  Seriously!
OCTOBER IS HERE!!!  Hot dog roast in Morgan.  Addie had a ton of fun with her cousins.

Deven and his brother Darren getting the fire pit going.

Britanee (sister-in-law).  She is expecting and due the same day as Bailee.

Fruit bouquet.  I made this for my friend Cassie for her birthday.

It turned out really cute.  Wasn't too hard either.

Here's my Bridges!

Proud Daddy!

Addie's dance outfit.  She has been obsessed with books lately.  She is going to be starting dance in the next couple months.

Jacob, me and Brady in SLC.

Happy birthday Cassie!

Feel asleep snuggling daddy.  This never happens.  She is such an angel...when she is sleeping.  Haha.

David's 50th birthday party. 

Mikell, Lauren and Addie.  It's so fun to have cousins close in age.

Air hockey...pretty competitive game.

My pretty husband.

Our friends came in from Arizona.  This is Addie's friend Ellie.  They are so cute.

This is Adelaide's betrothed, Aiden. (Mom picked him out) They had a ton of fun.  For a while, they were snuggling.  CUTE!

Kisses, he's not enjoying that at all, is he?  Haha.

Addie loves him!

Talking to grandma.  Telling her that she is starting to potty train.  She only had two bad days, then has done extremely well.  Obviously, she's had her accidents but she was ready.  She was probably ready before London was born but mommy wasn't.

Mikell turns 2!  She had a pony party at Thanksgiving Point.

Braxton and Logan.


Grandpa and Mikell.

Looking at the animals.  They all had so much fun.

Pony Ride!  Addie wanted to take the pony home.


Sleigh ride.

Bunnies.  They have a petting zoo.

Addie and Mikell in Jail!

Addie and Lauren.

Addie and Lauren in Jail!

Birthday Cake!

 Addie, the witch.
London, the flower fairy.

Isn't this a darling witch outfit?

She's a dancer, through and through.

Now, there's a smile.

Yes, they make fish nets in 2T. Hehe.

SOOOO Cute! It was a warm Halloween so I let her wear this.  I had a back up plan.  She has one of those bear outfits that is warm and snuggly.

Happy Halloween!

Complete with broomstick.

Excited to go to the trunk-or-treat.

Mommy witch!

Witches!  Maybe next year, London will join. Unless Addie wants to be something else.

Dad and I went to take the kids to go see Grandma Jackson at the recovery center.

They were surprised.  They loved seeing the kids.

Grandma Jackson and London.

Grandpa Jackson and London.


Cousin hugs!

Dad's Jack-O-Lantern...kinda creepy, that's what Addie says.

Mikell (Strawberry), Braxton (Ghost), Logan (Cougar), Addie (Witch), Lauren (Kangaroo).  Brett is the dog.  This pretty much freaked Addie out.

Addie and Grandpa Randy.

Grandpa Randy and London.

Addie with her cousins Kolby and Blakely.

Addie, London, Kolby and Blakely.

London and Janet.

Fun at Court and Beck's.  Yummy Chili and homemade rootbeer.